UNT is one of the nation’s most diverse universities. We are a majority-minority serving institution, and recently became a Hispanic Serving Institution, exceeding 25% Hispanic student population. Of the Hispanic student population, 37% are Pell Grant eligible. The term “Hispanic-Serving Institution” (HSI) a federal designation, requires that institutions be accredited colleges, enroll a significant proportion of low-income students, and have 25% of their full-time undergraduate student body be Hispanic. There are more than 500 HSI-eligible institutions in the U.S., but only 12 are also a Tier One Research institution as we are at UNT. While they comprise only a small percentage of all institutions of higher education, HSIs enroll about 2/3 of all Hispanic undergraduates in the country.

Pie chart showing demographics of student body. 45% wihte, 55% minority
Diverse student body


UNT DEEN serves to advocate and empower under-represented minority populations in engineering

  • Leadership development
  • Empower engineering identity
  • Facilitate networking and teamwork


College of Engineering Student Demographics

  • Undergraduate demographics pie chart
    Undergraduate student demographics
  • Graduating  undergrads demographics
    Graduating undergraduate demographics

Support and Donations

  Friend $1,000 In-kind donor >$1000 Silver $2,500 Gold $5,000 Platinum $10,000 Partner $25,000
DEEN Scholarships ($1,000 each)     1 3 5 10
DEEN Lunch or Industry Night event with SWE, SHPE and NSBE chapters X       X X
DEEN Sponsor of SWE, SHPE, NSBE event/outreach to future engineers of your choice       1 2 3
DEEN Networking Event Sponsor – meet standout SWE, SHPE, NSBE members   X   X X X
Career Fair Interview Room for DEEN         X X
Lunch with Dean of Engineering           X
Signature Sponsors of DEEN spring banquet           X
Receive Resumes of all DEEN Scholarship applicants         X X
Unlimited email notices & job postings X   X X X X
Recognized on DEEN website X X X X X X


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