College of Engineering faculty advance the frontiers of knowledge and improve the quality of our lives through their research. Highly esteemed in their fields, our professors also are very approachable, as teachers and mentors.

You'll have an opportunity to conduct research alongside our renowned faculty, including:

  • Dr. Gayatri Mehta

    Dr. Gayatri Mehta

    Dr. Mehta is the director of the Reconfigurable Computer Laboratory in the Department of Electrical Engineering. One of her primary research projects is “UNTANGLED,” funded by the National Science Foundation. This mapping placement game discovers mapping algorithms by using human ability and intuition to recognize patterns and opportunities even in complex problems.

  • Dr. Armin Mikler

    Dr. Armin Mikler

    Dr. Mikler leads UNT's Computational Epidemiology Research Laboratory in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The center focuses on disease outbreak modeling, visualization of complex data, geospatial analysis and crisis response plan design.

  • Dr. Vijay Vaidyanathan

    Dr. Vijay Vaidyanathan

    Dr. Vaidyanthan is the founding chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, one of the college’s newest programs. He conducts research on biomedical instrumentation, biomedical optics, EEG-based epilepsy studies and exoskeletons.

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