The College of Engineering was founded in 2003 and inherited the longstanding programs of computer science (1971) and engineering technology (1919), along with the inclusion of renamed materials science program to materials science and engineering, and a new computer engineering program (BS, MS).

The new college consisted of three departments at the time: the renamed Department of Computer Science and Engineering (which was previously the Computer Science Department), the existing Department of Engineering Technology, and the new Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

The Computer Science and Engineering department provided majors in computer science and the new computer engineering. The Department of Materials Science and Engineering offered master's and doctoral degrees in materials science and engineering. The largest department was Engineering Technology, which included majors in construction engineering technology, electrical engineering technology, manufacturing engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, and nuclear engineering technology.

Soon after, the College of Engineering launched two new departments: Electrical Engineering in 2005 and Mechanical and Energy Engineering in 2006. That same year, the materials science and engineering bachelor's degree was also approved. 

In 2008, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering began offering a B.A. in Information Technology, a program that would later receive the Silver Award from the National Center for the Study of Transfer Students for "Innovation in Curriculum Development" that subsequent year.

In 2014, Biomedical Engineering was the sixth and final department added to the college and is the fastest growing department at the university.

In August, 2020, the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, and the Department of  Engineering Technology merged into Mechanical Engineering department.