Academic Departments

  • Biomedical Engineering students in class
    Biomedical Engineering

    The department offers a unique undergraduate program in Biomedical Engineering that allows a student of the program to major in Biomedical Engineering, minor in mathematics and minor in an additional area of engineering. Thus, a student graduating from the 120 SCH program will be well rounded and have the engineering skills and expertise to work in industry, hospitals, or research institutions or to become a motivated entrepreneur.

  • Computer Science graduate students with faculty
    Computer Science and Engineering

    The Department of Computer Science and Engineering provides a high quality education to students. Professors balance theoretical and experimental aspects of computer science, as well as software and hardware issues. The curricula serve the citizens and industrial organizations of Texas and North Texas specifically.

  • Electrical Engineering students in lab
    Electrical Engineering

    The Department of Electrical Engineering combines hands-on research, engaging faculty and top of the line facilities to provide students with the best education. The department's multidisciplinary coursework gives students opportunities to solve problems by working with other engineering experts.

  • Construction Engineering Technology students in class
    Engineering Technology

    The Department of Engineering Technology prepares students to be productive leaders and technology innovators in a global society. The department’s faculty strives to achieve the highest quality in the design and delivery of the programs. The department has strong ties with local industry, government agencies, alumni and the community.

  • Materials Science students working in lab
    Materials Science and Engineering

    The Department of Materials Science and Engineering helps students prepare for the educational and technological challenges of the 21st century. Students are educated about the creation, application and characterization of new materials for manufacturing products. Students are given opportunities for hands-on research with modern equipment and facilities.

  • Mechanical and Energy Engineering graduate students in class
    Mechanical and Energy Engineering

    The Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering at UNT is the first in the nation. The department is committed to providing outstanding and innovative programs to students. Professors integrate the fundamentals of mechanical engineering with interdisciplinary, modern applications. Students enjoy a unique learning experience in a research/ project oriented environment.

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