Research Centers



    Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Processes Institute

    AMMPI, is a research institute which is focused to test, develop and process next-generation structural materials via rapid combinatorial assessment and advanced processing technologies.

  • CICS


    Center for Information and Cyber Security

    The Center for Information and Cyber Security is an interdisciplinary center, bringing together individuals and organizations with an interest in the areas of information security, computer security, information assurance, and cybercrime.

  • MRF


    Materials Research Facility

    The shared research facility for multidimensional fabrication and characterization is a research center and service facility that supports scientific research activities through its wide array of sophisticated characterization and processing instruments.



    PACCAR Technology Institute

    PACCAR Technology Institute is a unique, non-traditional center for research and educational excellence which works on a variety of research topics related to cutting edge engineering research problems that span multiple disciplines.

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