Undergraduate research and learning opportunities

Undergraduate research is conducted by students through a number of ways

  • National and International Team Competitions mentored by a number of external industries, technical professional organizations.
  • Individual research with faculty.
  • Senior Capstone Design Courses: Senior Design Capstone.

Congratulations to the Undergraduate Research Fellows selected for the 2016-2017 experience.

New opportunities

REU opportunities at UNT:

Program Deadline
REU in Computer Science and Engineering - Secure Software Testing for Web and Mobile Feb 15
REU in Materials Science and Engineering - Advanced Processing and Materials Characterization Mar 30

REU opportunities outside UNT:

Program Deadline
REU at AccessComputing - For Students with Disabilities to Participate in Computing Careers  

Faculty and students, please provide information on new opportunities for undergraduates to experience research to Associate Dean for Undergraduates Nandika D’Souza.

March 30th, 2017: Deadline to apply for $500 Undergraduate Research Fellowship http://honors.unt.edu/unt-undergraduate-research-fellowship. Please start the process by March 15th as a faculty acknowledgement is required. Want to apply but don’t have a mentor? Form to request an undergraduate faculty mentor

Poster templates for students

You may be asked to make posters for a range of campus and off-campus opportunities. If feasible please use these templates. When we put them by theme it enables a good aesthetic for visiting future students and visitors.

Infrastructure Solutions: Structural, Material Design, Characterization and Analytical Techniques, Material Modelling and Simulations, Manufacturing and Machining of Engineering Solutions for Structural Applications

Poster templates for Infrastructure Solutions are available here:
Poster Template Infrastructure One Text Box  
Poster Template Infrastructure Two Text Boxes  
Poster Template Infrastructure Three Text Boxes  

Biomedical Solutions: Research related to healthcare from the perspective of - biomaterials, biomechanics

Poster templates for Biomedical Solutions are available here:
Poster Template Biomedical One Text Box  
Poster Template Biomedical Two Text Boxes  
Poster Template Biomedical Three Text Boxes  

Environmental Solutions: Research related to Renewable Energy and the Environment solutions that required new designs, materials, manufacturing or modeling

Poster templates for Environmental Solutions are available here:
Poster Template Environmental One Text Box  
Poster Template Environmental Two Text Boxes  
Poster Template Environmental Three Text Boxes