Job Prep/Opportunities

Career Center at Discovery Park

Students looking to get a leg up on networking, interviewing, or their job and/or internship search should reach out to Sean McNamara, the career advisor for the College of Engineering.

Sean is available to help students with:

  • Interview prep
  • Resume and cover letter review
  • Job search tips
  • Networking

Appointments are available Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students can call (940) 565-2105, email, or stop by Discovery Park C111 to make an appointment.

Internships and Co-ops

Get Real-world Experience

It’s a fact: Employers prefer to hire graduates with hands-on experience in their majors.

  • As a UNT student, you have the opportunity to gain practical experience through an internship or co-op that will enhance your classroom learning.
  • Working as an intern or co-op student gives you a competitive advantage in the job market.
  • These opportunities can also provide you with insight into your future career.

Earn School Credit While You Work

There are several ways you can work while going to school:

  • Parallel co-op allows you to work part time while simultaneously attending classes.
  • Alternating co-op alternates semesters of work and school, so you work full time for a semester and then return to school full time.
  • Internships allow you to work only one semester, often during the summer.

Depending upon your major, academic credit can be part of your internships & co-op experience.

Useful Links


For more information or to get started, visit the UNT Career Center site.

UNT Career Center

The UNT Career Center provides many services to help students find and interview for jobs both on-campus and off:

  • Online Eagle Careers provides a job search agent for on- and off-campus jobs
  • Online Eagle Careers allows students to upload resumes and cover letters
  • Help with resume development
  • Help with interviewing skills and techniques
  • Career fairs
  • Workshops and seminars about job search and other career skills

Check out Eagle Careers Student User Guide and Eagle Careers TO-DO list.

To learn more about UNT’s Career Center, email, call (940) 565-2105, or visit the website.