As an engineering student enrolled at UNT, You have a wide variety of resources at your disposal. From student organizations and student affairs to academic resources, counseling and tutoring, we strive to ensure our students have the tools needed to succeed.

Academic Integrity Policy

Academic integrity is vital to ensure that degrees awarded by UNT are legitimately earned. There are several categories for academic dishonesty, and it is important that you are familiar with all of them as well as the consequences of academic dishonesty.

UNT Academic Integrity Policy

Academic Standing, Probation, Suspension & Other issues

The catalog contains entries that explain good academic standing, probation, and suspension along with many other academic issues that affect students. You can view the full academic standards entry in the Undergraduate Catalog or Graduate Catalog.

Tutoring for Undergraduate Students

Check out the available resources UNT offers to help you prepare for your engineering class. These resources offer support and help ranging from completing homework to understanding learning concepts from within the classroom. Several of the resources below have drop-in and appointment-based options, and as always, you can reach out to your class instructor to learn more about TA office hours.

Talk to one of the College of Engineering Peer Mentors

Final Exams

Final exams take place at the end of each academic term. The schedule is online on the Final Exam Schedule webpage.

In some cases, students may have final exams that overlap. In this situation, students need to talk with their instructors to come up with a solution that allows them to take all exams. Students cannot wait until finals week to make these arrangements. Look at the finals schedule early to determine if you have any scheduling conflicts.

Academic Resources

Graduate Student Support

Graduate students looking for advising and support can visit graduate student support page.

Resources for Research