I can't decide on an engineering major. Who can help me choose a major?

We encourage you read our degree program descriptions. It would also be beneficial to take a tour of the College of Engineering and view the labs in each of the different departments. If you have specific questions about different departments, you can schedule appointments with the faculty advisors.

What is the difference between engineering and engineering technology?
Generally speaking, engineering is more focused on theory and design; engineering technology is more focused on using theories and designs. Engineering often involves more advanced science and math requirements than engineering technology. Engineers often spend most of their time planning and designing, while engineering technologists spend most of their time carrying out the plans of engineers. You can find more information by reading our degree program descriptions.
What is the difference between computer science, computer engineering and information technology?
Computer science deals with software and programming; computer engineering deals more with hardware and design. Information technology deals with designing and managing networks, databases, and other information technologies. You can find more information by reading our degree program descriptions.
I do not see at UNT the engineering field that I am interested in studying (examples: Aerospace, Industrial, Petroleum, etc.). Can I still enter these fields if I earn a degree from UNT?
The degrees offered by the UNT College of Engineering are designed to give flexibility in the Engineering Career Paths you choose. If you are interested in a specific Engineering field, it is recommended you contact Engineering Advising Office at 940-565-4201 or to begin the conversation of how you can get on the right career path.


I'm getting a message that says “Requirement Not Met.” What does that mean?

You are trying to register for a course for which you have not met a prerequisite. To find out the prerequisites for courses, you will need to consult the course descriptions section of the catalog. Please note that if you are a transfer student and have credit for the prerequisite from another institution, you may need to talk to the department that teaches the course to be added into the class.

I'm having trouble registering for a lab and/or recitation for a class. What should I do?
You need to contact the department that teaches the course for help registering for your lab and recitation. Example: If you are trying to register for CHEM 1410/30 recitations and are having difficulties, you need to contact the chemistry department.

Academic Requirements

Does the College of Engineering require a minor?

No, but students may choose to add a minor in a field of interest or to enhance their resumes.

What College of Engineering core classes or major requirements can I take at a community college?
Please refer to Transfer Guides.
How can I get an incomplete for a course?
Talk to your instructor about getting an incomplete. Please be aware that if your instructor agrees to give you an incomplete and you do not complete the stipulated work within a year or earlier time specified by the instructor, the grade of “I” will default to the automatic grade designated by the instructor, or, if no automatic grade is designated, a grade of “F.” Please keep in touch with instructors who have given you an “I” to prevent this from happening to you!

Financial Matters

What scholarships are available for engineering students?

Please visit our scholarship page for information.

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions, please contact the Advising Office.