Funding Opportunities - Health Sciences

Sponsor Title Amount Deadline Notes
DOD Fiscal Year 2022 Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP) $50k-$1.5M for one year 4/23/2021-White Paper
5/14/2021-Full proposal
This announcement seeks proposals from universities to purchase equipment and instrumentation in support of research in areas of interest to the DoD. A central purpose of the DURIP is to provide equipment and instrumentation to enhance research related education in areas of interest and priority to the DoD. Therefore, your proposal must address the impact of the equipment or instrumentation on your institution’s ability to educate students through research in disciplines important to DoD missions.
DoD interests include the areas of research supported ARO, ONR and AFOSR.
DOD Center of Excellence in Biotechnology Up to $1.5M per year for 5 years 4/30/2021 DOD seeks to establish a Center of Excellence in Biotechnology to focus efforts in domains such as Materials and Systems, Military Medicine, Warfighter Performance, and Chemical-Biological Defense.
NIH Bioengineering Research Partnerships (U01 Clinical Trial Required)   6/5/2021
Standard dates
The goal of BRP program is to drive the development and speed the adoption of promising tools and technologies that can address important biomedical problems for which insufficient or no solutions exist. A synergistic partnership between engineering and the life, physical, and computational sciences is also encouraged, where the unique skills of each discipline combine to enhance our understanding of life science processes or the practice of medicine.
NIH NIBIB Trailblazer Award for New and Early Stage Investigators (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) Up to $400k in direct costs 6/16/2021 A Trailblazer project may be exploratory, developmental, proof of concept, or high risk-high impact, and may be technology design-directed, discovery-driven, or hypothesis-driven. Importantly, applicants must propose research approaches for which there are minimal or no preliminary data.
NIH Exploratory/Developmental Bioengineering Research Grants (EBRG) (R21 Clinical Trial Optional) Up to $275k in direct cost 6/16/2021, 10/16/2021
Standard dates
Proposed research to solve a wide range of relevant problems is sought, and may explore, but is not limited to a (1) new multidisciplinary approach to a biomedical challenge; (2) high- or low-risk development of significance; or (3) data collection to support future research with potential significance. An EBRG application may propose, but is not limited to hypothesis-driven, discovery-driven, developmental, or design-directed research. It may draw upon engineering, physical sciences, biological/medical sciences, mathematics, informatics, machine learning or any other relevant source of science or know-how. 
NIH Support for Research Excellence – First Independent Research (SuRE-First) Award (R16 - Clinical Trial Not Allowed) Up to $125k direct costs per year for 4 years 9/28/2021 The SuRE program supports research capacity building at institutions that enroll significant numbers of students from backgrounds nationally underrepresented in biomedical research, award baccalaureate and/or graduate degrees in biomedical sciences, and receive limited NIH Research Project Grant funding. 
NSF Smart Health and Biomedical Research in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Data Science  (SCH) Up to $300k per year for 4 years 11/10/2021 The SCH program is to support the development of transformative high-risk, high-reward advances in computer and information science, engineering, mathematics, statistics, behavioral and/or cognitive research to address pressing questions in the biomedical and public health communities.


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