College Governance

Strategic Plan 2020

College Policies

Courtesy Appointment Policy
Graduate Faculty Guidelines
Graduate Student Pay Schedule and Tuition Rates
Graduate Student Travel Funds Policy
Lecture at Universities Travel Funds Policy
CENG Lecturer Guidelines
Policy for Joint Appointments
Scheduling of Departmental Meetings
International Graduate Collaborative Academic Agreement Process
Research Revitalization Initiative
Distinguished Engineering / Leadership Lecture Series

UNT Policies

Faculty Workload Buyout Procedures
Faculty Workload Buyout Request
Annual Merit Evaluation Policy
Exporting financial data from Cognos into Excel 
Proposal Guidelines 
Faculty Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion
Youth Protection Program  Youth in Labs Form
UNT Policy Office

Promotion and Tenure

Faculty Promotion and Tenure Schedule
Non-Tenure Track Faculty Reappointment and Promotion

Departmental Guidelines

Biomedical Engineering (Adopted Nov, 2018)
Computer Science and Engineering (Adopted Jan, 2016; revised May, 2020)
Electrical Engineering (Adopted September, 2011)
Electrical Engineering (Adopted July, 2016)
Electrical Engineering (Adopted December, 2018)
Engineering Technology (Adopted March, 2020)
Materials Science and Engineering (Adopted October, 2015)
Materials Science and Engineering (Adopted November, 2018)
Mechanical and Energy Engineering (Adopted May, 2019)

Awards and Recognition

Distinguished Faculty Fellow
Faculty Research Award
Faculty Teaching Award
Faculty Service Award
Faculty Diversity Award
Junior Faculty Research Award
Outstanding Staff


Pursuit of Extramural Support Travel Grant
Federal Lab and Industry Supported Travel (FLIST) Application Form


State of the College Fall 2017 
NASA Presentation 
State of the College Fall 2016 
State of the College Fall 2015 
State of the College Fall 2014