MRF equipment

Materials Research Facility

The shared research facility for multidimensional fabrication and characterization is a research center and service facility that supports scientific research activities through its wide array of sophisticated characterization and processing instruments.


AMMPI equipment

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Processes Institute

AMMPI, is a research institute which is focused to test, develop and process next-generation structural materials via rapid combinatorial assessment and advanced processing technologies.


Cleanroom outside view

Nanofabrication Cleanroom Facility

The College of Engineering's newly constructed cleanroom has 3,000 square feet of clean space for nano and micro device development and thin film techniques.


human performance testing

Human Movement Performance Lab

The UNTHSC Human Movement Performance Lab is dedicated to understanding how the human body moves and is affected by development, disease, and injury across the lifespan.


Human vascular system

The Human Vascular Physiology Laboratory

The lab investigates how the human vascular system adjusts and adapts to exercise and environmental stress in healthy and diseased populations.The second theme centers on investigating the vascular and functional maladaptations that accompany various conditions and diseases (e.g. hypertension, aging, peripheral arterial disease) in addition to identifying novel therapies or interventions that may mitigate such deleterious changes.