The College of Engineering Grad Track programs allow you to save time and money while you earn your Bachelor's degree and either a Master's or PhD.

About Grad Track

The Grad Track Leading to Master's program allows you to earn a Bachelor's and Master's degree in as few as 5 years. You will take up to 9 hours of graduate credit while you are enrolled as an undergraduate student that apply to your Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

The Grad Track Leading to PhD program allows you to earn Bachelor's and PhD degrees faster. You will take up to 12 graduate credits while you are enrolled as an undergraduate student that count toward both degrees, decreasing your time to complete the PhD by more than one semester.

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Benefits of Grad Track

  • Earn your MS or PhD degree in less time
  • Save up to $5,000 in tuition and fees
  • Leave UNT with a BS and MS or BS and PhD in your engineering discipline

How Grad Track Works

  1. Apply for the Grad Track Pathway through your department. To apply, you should be in your junior year, meaning you have completed at least 75 credit hours, and you should have a GPA of 3.5 or higher. If your GPA is lower, talk with your department before applying.
  2. After you are admitted and complete 90 credit hours, you will take graduate courses as technical electives for your BS degree. A pre-approved list of technical electives is available from your department; seek input from the department to ensure that your selected courses qualify for the Grad Track Pathway you have chosen. You have to earn an A or B in each graduate-level course you take for it to transfer to your MS or PhD degree.
  3. Next, you will apply to the Toulouse Graduate School during the first semester of your senior year. Once all coursework for the BS degree is complete and you meet the GPA requirement for your department, you will receive full admission to the MS or PhD program you have selected.
  4. Last, visit with your department to verify the process once you have completed your BS degree. You are required to enroll in graduate school in the first long semester after you finish your BS degree and should take the remaining graduate courses in the following year(s) to complete your advanced degree. If you do not enroll in graduate school in the long semester after finishing your BS degree, your graduate course credit hours will only count for your BS degree and cannot be used at a later time for your MS or PhD degree, even if you return to UNT for graduate school in the future.

To Find Out More

Visit different combined degree pages for more information about a specific Grad Track program.

You can also visit your department's website for more information and to find the Grad Track Application Form.

Contact your department's graduate or undergraduate advisor, or