UNT TWU dual degree program

UNT’s College of Engineering and TWU’s College of Arts and Science are offering a unique opportunity for students interested in math, science and engineering.

Students can now attend both universities simultaneously and graduate with a bachelor of science from TWU and a bachelor of science from UNT.

The recommended course of study is designed to enable completion of both degrees in five years.

What to Expect

  • A well-rounded education in STEM.
  • Strengthened career prospects and proven proficiency in your area of interest.
  • Combined faculty expertise from two top-tier universities.
  • A network of accomplished alumni who are successfully pursuing careers in mathematics and engineering.
  • Specialized mentorship for women entering STEM fields.
  • A prime location that provides unlimited internship and job opportunities.

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Guided Pathways for 2024-2025

More Information

Students in the program may also apply for the Siemens PLM Software scholarship.

See UNT Admissions page for information on how to apply to UNT.


Madeline DeVega"The gender gap is still evident in the STEM field, and it is crazy to think that less than a hundred years ago women weren't allowed to study engineering. I believe that this program can help close the gender gap with every woman that is recruited. We want every girl to grow up and not see a career as a boy job."
Stephanie Lopez
UNT Mechanical & Energy Engineering, TWU Mathematics