Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Research

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Artificial Intelligence research spans across many different disciplines and has many different overlapping application areas. Driven by over 30 faculty members with more than 100 PhD students in different departments at UNT, our AI research focuses on the following areas. Click on a card below to learn more about our research in that area.

In the AI labs at UNT, specific application research projects include:

  • Deep learning, software development and validation methods for medical outcome assessments
  • Steganography, image fusion, and machine learning for land use classification
  • Materials computer simulations
  • Social media analytics
  • Rideshare network service guarantee
  • Spatio-temporal pattern mining
  • Trajectory mining
  • Hazard mitigation (blast, tornado, hurricane, earthquake and fire)
  • Machine learning in civil engineering for better risk analytics
  • Wearable electronics health monitoring analytics
  • Electronic design research
  • Post quantum cryptography, secure cloud collaboration and distributed storage
  • Information theory: algorithm and protocol design
  • Deep learning for LIDAR feature fusion in autonomous systems
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