Albert and two students stand in a hallway and discuss a research poster hanging on the wall.

If you’re an undergraduate or graduate student with an interest in learning about artificial intelligence, then consider applying to one of UNT’s free AI summer programs. Regardless if you are studying AI or just curious, there is a program for you.

“Artificial intelligence is an ever-growing, ever-changing field that will continue to have a strong impact on our world and provide constant career prospects. This is not only true for computer scientists, but also others who can apply AI to their area of expertise,” said Mark Albert, assistant professor of computer science and engineering, who coordinates the UNT AI and AI4All summer research programs alongside Ting Xiao, research assistant professor in computer science and engineering. “The UNT AI Summer Research Program is not only about developing an AI project portfolio, but also the energy and experience of focused project efforts aimed at external impact. You learn not just from your own team’s project experience, but through an intimate knowledge of the process of the other teams as we all overcome the challenges together.”


The AI4All Summer Research Program seeks to offer enhanced educational opportunities for traditionally underrepresented undergraduates in the AI4All College Pathways program. This summer AI immersion program offered through AI4All for UNT students is a six-week virtual program starting July 5 and is delivered in two parts: Discover AI and Apply AI. Discover AI introduces AI fundamentals and key ethical issues. Apply AI builds upon those fundamentals and further develops the student’s technical skill set, culminating in the creation of an AI portfolio. UNT undergraduate students with little experience in AI are encouraged to apply, but those with some AI experience and on a non-traditional path in AI are also strongly encouraged. The deadline to apply is Sunday, April 4.


The UNT AI Summer Research Program is a virtual immersive experience that guides students through all stages of the research process, from initial project selection to the final research poster presentation and pitch. Students will be expected to participate in daily meetings, project-based discussions, and wrap-ups and be fully engaged throughout the chosen morning or afternoon period. The four-week program begins June 1. Interested students will form teams and pick from a set of curated projects the first day, leading to research posters and presentations on the final day. Throughout the program, there will be individual meetings to discuss career goals and get expert advice about how to attain those goals. UNT graduate students and undergraduate students studying artificial intelligence, computer science, or a related field are encouraged to apply. The deadline to apply is Friday, April 9.


A third program – an NSF REU in Accelerated Deep Learning – is geared towards undergraduate students outside of UNT who will be engaged in related deep learning projects through the UNT AI Summer Research Program. The deadline to apply is Thursday, April 15.