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Fri, 10/08/2021 - 2:00pm
Jay Tiley
Job title: 
Head of Materials, Structures and Processing Science Section
Materials Science and Technology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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This presentation will discuss the current use of advanced manufacturing techniques and tools to design and create new material solutions for extreme environments.  This includes the use of machine learning and advanced characterization systems to capture critical microstructure and chemical features controlling material response.  Oak Ridge National Laboratory has world-class capabilities and facilities targeting the integration of computational and experimental tools, including neutron diffraction, atom probe tomography, and super-computing capabilities.  Resulting projects involve the development of high temperature complex concentrated alloys, ceramic materials,  light weight structural alloys, and functionalized interfaces.  Key aspects of the research involve capturing relevant kinetic processing information and understanding phase evolution mechanisms at the appropriate length and time scales.

Jay Tiley

Dr. Jay Tiley is a materials scientist with over 35 years-experience developing and managing high temperature alloy, ceramic, and composite materials research efforts.  He is the current Section Head for the Materials, Structures and Processing Science Section within the Materials Science and Technology Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  He oversees research efforts involving welding and joining processes, alloy development and design, additive manufacturing materials, and advanced manufacturing processes.  Prior to his current position, Dr. Tiley worked for the Air Force Research Laboratory as a materials research scientist, including serving as Program Officer for the Air Force Office of Scientific Research managing multiple basic science portfolios.  He has a PhD in Materials Science from the Ohio State University and MS degrees from the Air Force Institute of Technology and Wright State University.  He is a graduate of Air University and a Fellow of ASM International.  His primary research interests involve modeling phase evolution and multiscale deformation mechanisms in aerospace alloys.

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Materials Science and Engineering