Date & Time: 

Wed, 12/06/2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Chris Andersen
DRD Technology Corporation
Discovery Park F175

ANSYS, Inc. and DRD Technology highly value their relationships with the engineering and science departments of universities because these universities are the source for many of our future employees and customers. This presentation will include a concise summary of trends in engineering simulation and product development. The presentation will also provide examples of how other universities use ANSYS for teaching and research as well as examples of how DRD has assisted other universities in integrating ANSYS into both their undergraduate and graduate curricula. The presentation will follow the agenda below:

  • Introduction: ANSYS, DRD, and University of North Texas
  • Trends in Engineering Simulation: Full Virtual Prototyping, Systems Modeling, Topology Optimization and Additive Manufacturing
  • Review of UNT ANSYS License Configuration
  • ANSYS at Other Universities
  • Examples of DRD Collaboration with Universities and Potential Areas of Collaboration at University of North Texas

Mr. Andersen is President at DRD Technology with headquarters in Tulsa, OK. DRD Technology is an engineering simulation consulting firm, which provides services in the areas of solid mechanics, computational fluid mechanics, electromagnetics, systems modeling, and embedded software. DRD is also a Channel Partner for ANSYS, Inc. the world's largest provider of engineering simulation software, and DRD is the service provider for ANSYS at the University of North Texas. Mr. Andersen has 37 years of experience working in fields of software development and engineering simulation. Mr. Andersen earned a B.S. degree in civil engineering at Duke University in 1981 and an MS degree in mechanical engineering at University of Tulsa in 1985. Mr. Andersen is also a registered Professional Engineer in Oklahoma.


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