Tom Derryberry

Electrical Engineering
Clinical Associate Professor

Tom Derryberry

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  • PhD, Southern Methodist University, 1995.
    Major: Electrical Engineering
    Dissertation Title: Adaptive Reference Correlation Subpixel Tracking
  • MS, University of Arkansas, 1987.
    Major: Electrical Engineering
    Degree Specialization: Theoretical Statistics
    Dissertation Title: Optical Flow: An Alternate Approach to Motion Analysis
  • BS, University of Arkansas, 1985.
    Major: Electrical Engineering
    Degree Specialization: Business

Tom joined Texas Instruments’ Advanced Signal Processing Group in 1988 where he developed advanced statistical signal processing and controls algorithms utilizing linear and nonlinear estimation theoretic techniques for detection and tracking of military targets of interest in Infrared (IR) and TV imagery, acoustic signal processing for helicopter tracking, radar signal processing using phased-array sensors, and software radios for wireless communications handheld devices for dismounted soldiers in ad-hoc networks. While there, Tom was a recipient of Texas Instruments’ first Ph.D. Assistance Fellowship thus enabling him to complete his Ph.D.

Tom joined Nokia Research Center’s (NRC) Radio Communications Laboratory in 1998 where he directed and set the strategy for their global R&D Program evolving 3GPP2 / 3GPP wireless communications systems targeting improved cellular system performance, global industry standardization, new products, and Intellectual Property (IPR) creation.  While there, he was the editor of the Evaluation Methodology Document (EMD) for cellular systems, which has become the de facto standard of wireless systems performance analysis in major standards forums such as 3GPP, 3GPP2, and IEEE. He received 2005 award of merit for his contribution to 3GPP2 and cdma2000 development. Tom chaired various 3GPP2 subgroups and Mobile TV groups resulting in the definition of many of today’s popular wireless systems.

Tom joined BlackBerry’s (formerly Research in Motion) Wireless Technology Development Division in 2013 where he provided technical vision, expertise, strategic direction, leadership, and mentoring of Radio Software Development team encompassing design, implementation, integration, and acceptance testing of new products. In this role his Dallas team had the mandate of "if there is a problem in the radio, find it and fix it".

Tom’s technical interests are many given his eclectic skill set and background reaching “back when Moby Dick was a sardine.” He is the inventor/co-inventor of 15 issued patents shaping commercial wireless communications, authored/coauthored over 20 professional publications, given several invited presentations evangelizing wireless communications technologies, and served as a reviewer and technical program committee member in several IEEE conferences and publications. Tom was inducted into the Arkansas Academy of Electrical Engineers in 2005. He is a member of Eta Kappa Nu and a Senior Member of the IEEE.