Staff Directory

Lisa Martin
Senior Administrative Coordinator of Operations
Discovery Park, A144
Yan Huang
Interim Chair of Computer Science and Sr. Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Operations
Discovery Park, A154
Nandika D'Souza
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Discovery Park, A160A
Liz Assaad
Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
Discovery Park, A143
Cindy Dutton
Senior Administrative Specialist
Discovery Park, A140
Angus McColl
Assistant Dean - Strategic Partnerships and Executive Director of Development
Discovery Park, A153
Kayla Green
Director of Marketing and Communications
Discovery Park, B131B
Kathryn Beasley
Assistant Director of Graduate Programs
Discovery Park, A150
Shanin Marshall
Discovery Park, A140
Jim Byford
Senior Information Technology Manager
Discovery Park, B189
Nancy Van Hoy
Director of Undergraduate Academic Advising
Discovery Park, A101
Leyla Kimball
Assistant Director, College Grant Support
Discovery Park, C104
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