Student Featured in New York Times

May 2017

Daniel Merlino, a junior in UNT’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering, was featured in the New York Times today for his participation in NASA’s High-Performance Fast Computing Challenge. Read more. Photo by Dominic Hart/NASA.

From Digital Data to Knowledge: Researcher Receives NSF CAREER Award

April 2017

Cornelia Caragea, an assistant professor at the University of North Texas College of Engineering, received the National Science Foundation CAREER Award for her work in machine learning, data mining and information retrieval. The NSF Faculty Early Career Development program recognizes junior...

UNT Computer Science: 45 Years of Changing Lives and Technology

April 2017

For decades, the University of North Texas has helped lead the way in computer science. UNT’s program is one of the oldest in the nation, turning 45 this year. UNT Computer Science Alumni (left to right) Willie Barber, Greg Thurman and Tyseanah Spell. In 1977 Apple Computers released the first...

UNT Professor Helping Visually Impaired Students Learn Computer Science

April 2017

Stephanie Ludi, an engineering professor at the University of North Texas, is helping visually impaired students to learn computer science When you use a computer you typically read an article, watch a video or access information from a graph. These may seem like simple tasks, but to a person who...

UNT Professor Leads NSF Program Exclusive to Ph.D. Students Studying Cybersecurity

October 2016

Dr. Ram Dantu, a professor of Computer Science and Engineering and director of UNT's Center for Information and Computer Security, is leading a Scholarship for Service program funded by National Science Foundation (NSF). This funding of more than $1 million is exclusive to Ph.D. students...