Cheng Yu stands in the lab with his arms folded

Cheng Yu, a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, recently was named a Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the nation's oldest engineering society.

Elected by a committee, Yu received the SEI Fellow for his expertise and contributions to the field of structural engineering and his work with cold-formed steel. Yu has long been a leader in cold-formed steel, recently having received a patent on his cold-formed steel in-frame shear wall for use in mid-rise buildings. His research interests focus on advancing structures, materials, construction technology, and design methodology for building and transportation systems. Yu also serves as a mentor in his field and has graduated more than 25 graduate students with a thesis or dissertation.

&"It's a great honor to be recognized by SEI, and I hope it encourages more of my students to get involved in SEI and ASCE as they continue on in their career paths after graduation," said Yu.

Yu will be recognized by ASCE at the Structure Congress 2021 June 2-4.

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