picture of the SWE officers in halloween costumes
2019-2020 SWE Officers in October 2019: Taha Mubarak, Sadia Saeed, Ozioma Ozigbo, Jessica Rider, Kristina Celis, Ha Tran, Stacey Nguyen, Slater Caldwell, Suzanna Stenger, and Flora Trinh.

The UNT Society of Women Engineers student chapter recently received the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Mission Collegiate Bronze Award, a national honor that recognizes SWE groups that embody SWE core values and demonstrate continuous improvement and growth as they work to achieve the Society's strategic goals.

“It's exciting to be recognized for our efforts and for representing national SWE and just trying to include more people into our organization. We try to be inclusive and positive and a place for people to come where they don’t have to stress about school or they can learn about professional development and they can build a community. So, it’s exciting to be recognized for what we do,” said Jessica Rider, UNT SWE president.

During fiscal year 2019-20, SWE held numerous events, including industry panels and guest speakers, company tours and study sessions. They also conducted multiple outreach events, such as visiting K-12 classrooms to show students how to build mini electric cars, hosting an engineering day for Girl Scouts and tabling at multiple community events and demonstrating STEM activities and principles.

A screenshot of a zoom meeting with the SWE members
2020-2021 SWE Officers: Jessica Rider, Slater Caldwell, Ozioma Ozigbo, Zarrin Bashir, Emma Ndei, Noor Jebbeh, Armando Castillo, Jessica Nwachukwu, Gerardo Gamboa, Stacey Nguyen, Flora Trinh.

UNT SWE also held key events like Confessions of a Hiring Manager and Brain STEMs. Confessions of a Hiring Manager was a general meeting where the UNT SWE section counselor spoke about the do’s and don’ts of securing a job. Brain STEMs is an outreach activity where SWE members host an after-school event at the Denton North Branch Library for middle school students every other week during the school year. SWE is currently working on turning their activities into DIY videos for students to do while at home during the pandemic.

The chapter also recognizes a Member of the Month that has gone above and beyond for the chapter as well as an awards banquet to recognize new and previous members.

UNT SWE will be recognized at the upcoming national WE20 Conference Nov. 2-13.

2019-20 Officers

  • Sadia Saeed, President
  • Ha Tran, Vice President
  • Jessica Rider, Treasurer
  • Kristina Celis, Secretary
  • Suzanna Stenger, VP Philanthropy
  • Stacey Nguyen, VP Networking
  • Ozioma Ozigbo, VP Public Relations
  • Flora Trinh, Social Media Manager
  • Slater Caldwell, Undergraduate Representative
  • Taha Mubarak, Graduate Representative
  • Nandika D’Souza, Faculty Advisor

2020-21 Officers

  • Jessica Rider, President
  • Ozioma Ozigbo, Vice President
  • Gerardo Gamboa, Treasurer
  • Slater Caldwell, Secretary
  • Emma Ndei, Director of Networking
  • Noor Jebbeh, Director of Outreach
  • Flora Trinh, Head of Public Relations
  • Zarrin Bashir, Social Media Manager
  • Jessica Nwachukwu, Undergraduate Representative
  • Stacey Nguyen, Advertising and Design
  • Armando Castillo, SWE Ambassador
  • Mishal Raza, SWE Ambassador
  • Stephanie Ludi, Faculty Advisor