Engineering faculty visit Army Research LabDuring a recent visit to Maryland, faculty from across the college – along with several of the college’s graduate students – discussed what the future could hold by creating a partnership with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory’s Vehicle Technology Directorate (VTD).

The VTD seeks to discover, innovate, and transition cutting-edge technologies within autonomy, mechanics, propulsion, and reliability sciences to enhance existing and revolutionize future Army vehicles.

Interim Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies Andrey Voevodin, Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering Chair Kuruvilla John, Interim Department of Materials Science and Engineering Chair Rick Reidy and Samir Aouadi and Tae-Youl Choi – both associate professors – met with the VTD Propulsion Division Chief Michael Kweon and division research leaders, toured their facilities and discussed how the partnership could pair faculty from the college with the VTD’s research initiatives, including next-generation combat vehicles and modernizing future vertical lifts.

Photo of Engineering faculty and students at Army Research Lab

“It’s a great milestone for the college in expanding our active participation with the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) South by involving multi-disciplinary faculty from across the college to work collaboratively Army scientists,” said Voevodin.

The students – Allison Osmanson, Skye Segovia, Tyler Torgerson and David Flannery – were all given the opportunity to connect with ARL mentors and see the inner workings of the laboratory. Stationed at the VTD and Weapons and Materials Research Directorate, the students had the opportunity to participate in the ARL’s cutting-edge research in additive manufacturing and advanced materials processing.

“Through this partnership, we could see new and exciting opportunities for our students, including possible senior design projects, internships and fellowships,” said Voevodin.