Kelly JacquesUniversity of North Texas materials science junior, Kelly Jacques, recently received the Forging Industry Women’s Scholarship from the Forging Industry Association.

The scholarship is given to women interested in pursuing a career in the manufacturing and forging industry who have demonstrated strategic, technical and leadership skills. It aims to financially help, educate and advance women into executive or senior leadership careers in the manufacturing and forging industry.

“Outside of my own curiosity, my academic path has been made possible by the lovely support of my teachers, mother, sisters, friends and the Forging Industry Women’s Scholarship Program,” Jacques said.

As a materials science student, Jacques focuses her studies in metallurgy through research projects offered by Department of Materials Science and Engineering Assistant Professor Marcus Young and University Distinguished Research Professor Rajiv Mishra.

“My motivation in academics is fueled by my deep curiosity about metals and the role they play in our modern lives,” Jacques said. “Metallurgy plays a huge role in our society, and I strive to facilitate and advance this industry in my future career.”