HiLT group photo

This week, Lease Analytics, an oil and gas consulting firm, established the Human Intelligence and Language Technologies Lab (HiLT) Fund at the University of North Texas College of Engineering.

This fund supports faculty and graduate research in the development of new techniques to recognize and infer meaning from specific images, words, phrases or sentences. The algorithms produced will have potential broad application in industry and government agencies interested in the growing fields of data analytics, and could make skilled human analysts far more productive in analyzing large volumes of current and historic documents.

“We will use this fund to find new ways to tag oil and gas leases and contracts with categories of interest, and improve classification, search and clustering beyond word presence,” said Eduardo Blanco, co-director of the HiLT Lab.

HiLT is within UNT’s College of Engineering, and its interests include Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and Cognitive Science. HiLT’s primary focus is on computational semantic models that facilitate machine understanding of text and spoken dialogue.

“We are very excited to support the faculty and students at UNT,” said President and CEO of Lease Analytics Tom Agnew. “UNT has had a preeminent position in both oil and gas accounting and information sciences. Our most capable data scientists have come from the graduate program at UNT. This research will drastically reduce back office error rates, and I look forward to seeing the results of this project.”