Graduate students Arthur Depoian, Lorenzo Jaques, and Lalitha Nallamothula face forward in three headshots

Recently, several UNT Engineering undergraduate and graduate students placed at the IEEE Metrocon 2020 conference.

Graduate students take first, second, and third

In the graduate category, Electrical Engineering students Arthur Depoian and Lorenzo Jaques took first and second place, respectively, and Lalitha Nallamothula, a computer science and engineering student, placed third.

Depoian presented on a novel approach to improving satellite data. His work looked at combining information gathered from sensors – ranging from the infrared to the visible spectrum – using a new algorithm that would improve data fusion quality and visualization.

Jaques tackled sports by proposing an autonomous masking algorithm that can receive live or previously recorded video footage of sporting events. By doing so, sports analysts could better process and track games and athletes for improved for real-time analysis.

Nallamothula’s research focused on quantum cryptography, which harnesses the quantum mechanical properties of space time to perform cryptographic tasks.

Undergrads take second, third

In the undergraduate category, Nicholas Chiapputo, Brandon Jones, and Tim McCoig took second place with their proposal to solve common vehicle tire issues: worn tread and tread separation. The team proposed the Autonomous Tread Identification System (ATIS) in order to provide drivers with enough information to more safely operate their vehicles. The solution used FMCW mmWave radar technology to measure the tire’s tread depth and alert the driver via a notification light on the vehicle’s dashboard.

Joshua Ayala, Ernesto Aguillon, Heriberto Alcantar and Benjamin Johnson took third place with their modular, portable and multi-weather radio.