Faith Gantz smiling.Faith Gantz, a graduate student in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, recently received the Henry DeWitt Smith Scholarship from TMS and the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers (AIME).

“Being in academia is really competitive, so it feels really good to be recognized for all the work you’ve put in,” said Gantz. “I’m especially excited for the opportunity to attend the conference, whether it be in person or virtual, as it will provide a lot of networking opportunities in the field.”

During her time at UNT, Gantz worked with Associate Professor Marcus Young researching high entropy alloys and shape memory alloys. Her current research focuses on using characterization techniques and conventional processing methods to design shape memory alloys with an optimal microstructure for specified applications. She also assisted with a project for the Dallas Art Museum analyzing their gem collection, and in particular, jade. 

“My background is in art, and the project with the DMA was one of the major reasons I was interested in Dr. Young’s group,” said Gantz. “It’s through this group that I discovered shape memory alloys and found an interest in this area. I never imagined this is where I would be, but I’ve enjoyed it.”

The scholarship provides Gantz funding towards tuition and expenses as well as an opportunity to attend the TMS 2021 Annual Meeting and Exhibition, currently scheduled for the spring. Gantz is plans to pursue her Ph.D. in materials science and engineering upon completion of her master’s degree.