Bernabe Rangel, Jose Arreguin-Martinez, Ho Thuy Tien Le and Linh NguyenStudents from the Department of Electrical Engineering made a big splash this year at the IEEE Metrocon 2019, securing first, second and third place in the undergraduate student poster competition.

Bernabe Rangel, Jose Arreguin-Martinez, Ho Thuy Tien Le and Linh Nguyen took first place for developing a system that measures how well the body impedes electric flow through its impact on electrodes. By investigating the condition of electrodes and estimating the effects of cellular damage or electrode degradation, researchers studying Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s will be better able to collect more accurate information, ultimately advancing the field of neurodegenerative diseases.

Second place went to Chukwuma Iroegbu, Zachary Green and Mitchel Boling for their work on a low-cost custom-made mask aligner. The mask aligner had all of the key features of a commercial mask aligner used in the cleanroom for photolithography, but with a total cost of less than $8,000 – over time times cheaper than the commercially available systems.

Enzo Jaques, Casey Spoon and Ian Rasmussen

Lastly, Enzo Jaques, Casey Spoon and Ian Rasmussen secured third place for their work on HVAC systems integrated with machine learning. Their project used wireless temperature, humidity and barometric sensors to control an HVAC system capable of gathering local weather conditions in tandem with inside collected data to produce a more energy efficient HVAC system.

Electrical Engineering Assistant Professor Ifana Mahbub advised the first and second place teams and Colleen Bailey, also an assistant professor within the department, advised the third-place team.