Aditya AyyagariAditya Ayyagari, a doctoral graduate from the College of Engineering and UNT Golden Eagle, recently made the decision to give back to the college as a way of not only showing appreciation for the Maswood Memorial Scholarship of Engineering he received, but also to help motivate and encourage other eagles to do so, as well.

“Like several tens of thousands of international students arriving in the U.S., I, too, have come with hope, a strong desire for education and in pursuit of happiness,” said Ayyagari. “But life at graduate school is not all rosy as it seems at the end of it, and I had my fair share of ups and downs.”

Ayyagari says that in his final year of his doctoral studies, the funding he was receiving for his research fell through.

“Consequently, graduating on time was a serious concern,” he said. “It was at this juncture that The Syed Ian Maswood Memorial Scholarship in Engineering for Academic Excellence had come to my rescue.”

Ayyagari applied and received the scholarship at the beginning of the academic year, ensuring he could continue his enrollment and finish his degree on time.

“Receiving this scholarship was humbling, and at the same time, served as an additional motivation to perform better and stand up to the repute of this scholarship,” he said.

It’s because of this scholarship that Ayyagari has decided to start a new one at the College of Engineering.

“My hope is that this will inspire and motivate others to also do their bit to support their fellow eagles,” he said. “I want to help make it possible for other students to persevere and finish their education.”

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