UNT's College of Engineering students are preparing to solve many of today's problems through hands-on learning in cutting edge facilities and labs. Students work with some of the most modern equipment in the nation.


Nanofabrication Cleanroom

Nanofabrication Cleanroom Facility

The College of Engineering's newly constructed cleanroom has 3,000 square feet of clean space for nano and micro device development and thin film techniques.


Center for Network Neuroscience

With the formation of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, the College of Engineering is now home to the Center for Network Neuroscience. The addition of CNNS brings more opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to work on exciting design projects and research in the mechanisms and strategies underlying the phenomena of pattern generation, recognition and storage in neuronal ensembles.


Laboratory for Recreational Computing

For 20 years, LARC has been performing cutting-edge research in game programming and procedural content generation by students in the Game Development Group.

Stuctural Testing Lab

Structural Testing Lab

Construction Engineering Technology students working in this lab can perform both static and dynamic structural tests on beams, columns and shear walls in order to investigate the behavior and strength of those building components or systems.

Zero Energy Laboratory

Zero Energy Laboratory

The only one of its kind in Texas, the Zero Energy Laboratory is used to test various energy technologies that aim to achieve a net-zero consumption of energy.


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Nonso Chetuya

"What I love about UNT is that it feels like home. Engineering professors are easy to talk to and willing to help, and you can get involved in research projects. Also, the machinery and technology at Discovery Park is fascinating."

Nonso Chetuya
Materials Science and Engineering student