SNL – National Photonics Center

MESA photo

Sandia’s National Security Photonics Center (NSPC) resides within MESA and more information on MESA and NSPC can be found here:

SEEP-IT Consortium members participate in on-site meetings at DOE/NNSA labs, including the image which was taken at SEEP-IT on-site meeting at SNL in Feb. 2024, located on the  Kirkland Airforce Base.
SEEP-IT members group picture at SNL
Dr. El-Kady (SNL) gives an invited seminar through the UNT Physics Department Colloquium
SNL and ANL scientists interact with their academic collaborators through reciprocal site visits, including talk delivered by Dr. El-Kady (SNL) who gave an invited seminar through the UNT Physics Department Colloquium, Fall 2023.


ANL - Center for Nanoscal Materials (CNM)

CNM photo
The Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM) at Argonne is a DOE Office of Science user facility providing researchers from across the globe with world-class expertise and instrumentation for multidisciplinary nanoscience and nanotechnology research. More information on CNM can be found here:


SEEP-IT students are involved in DOE/NNSA labs internships, including this image taken below for two UNT students who spent summer 2023 working at CNM and the CNM Cleanroom.
UNT students pose at CNM