Curriculum Enhancement

One of the goals of the SEEP-IT Consortium is to enhance curriculum through the development of three new instructional courses at UTA and UA-PB that encompass instruction related to nuclear engineering and radiation science, and help provide a DOE/NNSA relevance to the students enrolled in the courses.

Teacher Training

The SEEP-IT Consortium also has professional development opportunities for teacher training to mentor local teachers in the DFW metroplex, which is being led by UTA, where content on electronics, photonics and sensors is infused into this training program.

STEM in Community

Promoting outreach to K-12 students and the local broader communities in North Texas and Arkansas, is also an important goal for the SEEP-IT Consortium. The SEEP-IT Consortium engages with the local community through outreach activities for K-12 students and the local community, through field trips, summer camps, including outreach to underrepresented groups in STEM. These camps are led by SEEP-IT faculty in coordination with their undergraduates and graduate student researchers who serve as hands-on labs event coordinators and help coordinate the activities for the students.  DOE/NNSA perspectives are infused into these events, wherever possible.

Below is an example of SEEP-IT faculty, students and affiliated members hosting a SEEP-IT booth at a local area museum with hands-on demos for K-12 students and families in the North Texas region, held in Fall 2023.

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