Construction Engineering Technology class
Our ABET-accredited Construction Engineering Technology program's strong foundation in math, science, engineering and general education prepares you for success in construction engineering, management and related fields.
Mechanical Engineering Technology students and instructor
Our ABET-accredited Mechanical Engineering Technology program focuses on the applications of science and engineering to design, fabricate and improve real-world products.
Electrical Engineering Technology students
Our ABET-accredited Electrical Engineering Technology program is one of only 10 programs in the nation to offer graduate and undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering technology.


The BSET degrees in the majors listed below are accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET.

Enrollment & Graduation Data

What is Engineering Technology?

Engineering Technology (ET) at the University of North Texas' College of Engineering offers degree paths to a career in engineering. There are over 100 institutions in the U.S. that offer similar degree programs. Common to all is the educational philosophy of using mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals in the analysis and implementation of technology-based solutions to engineering problems.

At the Department of Engineering Technology, we define “technology” as:

  1. any physical equipment, artifact, or hardware tool utilized in an engineering field (e.g., any device, instrument, machine, sensor/transducer/actuator, data acquisition/processing card, or materials);
  2. any software-based engineering simulation, analysis, or design tool; or
  3. any engineering design technique, process or algorithm described in a textbook, a patent, or any other scholarly or trade publication.

Therefore, our ET program is strongly based on advanced applications of technology to solve engineering problems. Our program introduces experiential learning activities in virtually every course and emphasizes hands-on laboratory activities without the abstract manipulation of mathematics.

In many circles ET is described as hands-on or applied engineering. ETEC graduates are in high demand and work side-by-side with other engineering graduates in a variety of technical fields.

Join ETEC at UNT, pursue an undergraduate ETAC/ABET-accredited degree or a graduate degree, and prepare yourself for the functional engineering tasks of design, re-design, technology implementation and evaluation, product and process improvement, and engineering system operation.

News & Annoucements

October 9, 2014—By bringing together leading research teams, the consortium seeks to amplify the efforts of individual investigators with shared facilities and other resources.
August 29, 2014—The department is pleased to welcome both undergraduate and graduate students in what promises to be a record-breaking academic year.
July 18, 2014—Starting Fall 2014, faculty are excited to introduce the ETEC OpenLab Format in strategically selected courses where students complete at least 30% of the assignments in the lab during scheduled open lab hours during the week, or at home using appropriate technology.
UNT Mean Green Racing
July 18, 2014—The UNT SAE Team participated at the June 18-21, 2014 SAE Formula competition in Lincoln, Neb., and did a truly outstanding job representing UNT.
April 8, 2014—Senior Design Day is April 25, and ETEC students will be presenting their capstone undergraduate design projects.