Project Opportunities in:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Robotics
  • Software Development

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in working on projects with our lab to implement motor behavior in our NAO robots?

In the HiLT lab we work on the research and application of human language technologies. A lot of our work involves using robots in various roles to communicate with humans. Currently in our lab we have three robots: the Companionbot and two NAO robots (pictures can be found here). Particularly with respect to NAO robots, we would like to integrate more motor movements into our work (actions to accompany dialogue, shared gaze, and facial recognition are some of the functionality that we are interested in). If you are interested in this opportunity contact Natalie Parde at

What Our Undergrads Are Saying

Kevin James

Kevin James says:

"My experience with the HiLT lab has been great! Throughout my time here, I have learned a great deal with Java frameworks, database administration, and clustering analysis. What I enjoy most about working here is that all members of the HiLT lab are kind and super awesome! I hope to continue working with these intelligent people and more until graduation."

Mingyu Liu

Mingyu Lin says:

"I worked at HiLT lab with Dr. Nielsen for two years, and I really enjoyed the experience. Dr. Nielsen has always been a diligent skillful leader of the lab. He was able to provide his students with various research fields and clear directions. In addition to academic research of natural language processing, HiLT also has practical programming projects for students to prepare their future careers. Those experiences are something you cannot easily get from usual classes. UNT offers most of its fundamental computer science courses in one language, C, which is important but might not be enough for everyone. At HiLT lab, on the other hand, you would have many different choices of your desired languages and tools, which is again beneficial to every student in the lab. In short, I would recommend HiLT lab to any student who wants to advance his professional career."

Adam Hair

Adam Hair says:

"I've worked on both the SEEDING and Companionbots projects and learned a lot. I've improved my programming capabilities, theoretical techniques, and organizational skills. It's been rewarding to see elements that I developed being used in large applications. I've enjoyed getting to work on diverse projects that challenge me to figure out better implementations. The HILT lab is great environment to learn both from my work and from my peers."

Ben Garside

Ben Garside says:

"My time spent working in the HiLT Lab has taken me much further than my core education alone would have. I have not only been provided with opportunities to learn about entirely new topics and ideas, but I have been given an environment in which I can actually put some of the things I've learned in classes to use. I've also met a great group of people here. Everyone in the lab is kind, thoughtful, and helpful. I have never experienced unpleasantness with anyone. The graduate students are open about their research, and are happy to take a moment to talk about it. I was able to see and interact with projects that were very interesting and relevant and, had I wanted to, I could have offered my help to any of them and they would have found something for me to do."