Bachelor’s degree programs

The College of Engineering offers you a variety of degree options in disciplines from theoretical to practical. You’ll get hands-on experience before you graduate, with valuable access to research opportunities in your field.

Haley Barnes

"Being involved in student organizations has been incredible for my development as a professional and an engineer. I have traveled to national conferences where I have done job interviews on the spot, and have found a network of professionals who make sure I have mentors and opportunities."

Haley Barnes
Materials Science and Engineering student

Graduate degree programs

Natalie Parde

"When I first came to UNT, I didn't know which engineering field I wanted to study. Meeting UNT professors and doing hands-on research in electrical engineering and computer science helped me determine what I want to do with the rest of my career."

Natalie Parde
Computer Science and Engineering Ph.D. student

Learning to change the world

Graduate students at UNT work alongside faculty researchers who are pioneering technologies that will benefit the global community. In the Center for Computational Epidemiology and Response Analysis, Dr. Armin Mikler and his team are developing computer-based systems that will help agencies better plan, respond and adapt to emergencies. Dr. Narendra Dahotre, a newly named fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, has filed a patent on a new laser technology that he and his team developed for cutting and shaping bone. The technology could speed surgery and recovery times and lessen the amount of blood loss during operations.

Questions regarding College of Engineering admissions?

For undergraduate admissions, please contact Cassady Ogedegbe.

For graduate admissions, please contact Kathryn Beasley.