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Mina Prakash Kapadia Service in Engineering Award - staff

About Mina (Prakash) Kapadia

Mina (Prakash) Kapadia

Mina Kapadia was born Mina Colaco in January 12, 1937. She married B. A. Prakash in 1963 and had two children Sunil Prakash (deceased 2011) and Nandika (Prakash) D’Souza (faculty in the College of Engineering). She was widowed in 1973 and married Mukesh Kapadia in 1979. She passed away July 28, 2019. She began work as an administrative assistant in 1953 and worked in a number of companies till 2002.

As a staff member, she epitomized the qualities of facilitative support of needs, high organizational efficiency, clear communication and engagement of all stakeholders.

In her personal life she exhibited the qualities of resilience, gratitude, personal faith and open heartedness. She loved bringing people together and recognizing people for all they do to enable others.


Nominations requested by March 1.

Past Awardees

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2017      Robin Shull

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