Acevedo receives $2.5M to tackle food insecurity

Acevedo receives grant to tackle food insecurity

Miguel Acevedo has a huge task on his plate. The UNT College of Engineering Regents Professor and member of the Advanced Environmental Research Institute just received a $2.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation to tackle a (rather salty) problem that affects food production in western regions of the United States.

Acevedo seeks to contribute solutions to the high amount of salt found in agricultural soil and irrigation water in U.S. regions where water is limited or where traditional fertilizer and irrigation management have impaired water and soil. It’s a problem that affects crops in those areas, leading to a decrease in crop yield and overall food production, as well as degradation of soil and water quality. Learn more.

New Navy funding expands materials, manufacturing and electronics research

Navy funding expands materials, manufacturing and electronics research

UNT Engineering will receive $750,000 from the Office of Naval Research over the next three years to fund educational and research initiatives in materials, manufacturing and electronics.

This initiative will focus on highlighting the benefits of miniaturized systems, such as sensors and actuators, that are at the heart of micro-electro-mechanical systems and nanotechnology, particularly for radio frequency applications. Additive manufacturing along with microfabrication technology will be used to create flexible, light-weight sensors using nanomaterials, where some of these structures will also be used to transmit and receive radio frequency signals. Learn more.

Reconfigurable Computing Lab named Tech Titans Award finalist

RCL named Tech Titan Award finalist

The College of Engineering Reconfigurable Computing Lab is a finalist for a prestigious Tech Titans award.

The UNT lab was nominated for the Tech Titans of the Future – University Level Award, which spotlights educational institutions that encourage and support students in choosing engineering- and technology-related disciplines as a preferred academic and career path.

Electrical Engineering Associate Professor Gayatri Mehta is the director of the lab and explains that the Tech Titians recognition comes from their work on innovative ways to solve placement and architecture design challenges for energy efficient circuit designs. Learn more.