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Fall 2018


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Academic Coaching and Supplemental Instruction are provided at Discovery Park!

Are you unsure about how to study or take tests?
Are you finding it difficult to keep up with a heavy workload?
Do you feel you are putting in more effort than your grades reflect?

If so, you might want to meet with one of our Academic Coaches to get an edge!

An Academic Coach can help you create your own plan for academic success and provide you with the resources to get there.

Discovery Park sessions occur in Advising Conference Room A101Q.  To schedule a session at Discovery Parksearch for John Manzano on our coach scheduling service, Upswing.  Or you can visit Academic Coaching to learn more.

Not sure the best way to study for Mechanics II?
Want to learn techniques for creating your own study sessions?

If so, you might want to attend a Supplemental Instruction (SI) session!

SI is a program that targets courses that have a 30% DFW (D, F or withdrawal) rate.  SI Leaders hold 3 one-hour group study sessions per week.  By going to SI sessions you not only review the material in an engaging way but learn techniques you can use on your own. On average, students who regularly participate in SI will earn one half letter grade higher than students who do not participate.

For Fall 2018, SI is offered in MEEN 2302.  Sessions occur in different rooms at Discovery Park.  Please refer to the following schedule for dates, times, and locations:

SI Leader Class Section Session Schedule
Taylor Roof MEEN 2302 001 Monday - 5:00pm - NTDP D212
Wednesday - 5:00pm - NTDP B158
Friday - 9:30am - NTDP B190
Taylor Roof MEEN 2302 002 Tuesday - 10-11:20am - NTDP D207A
Thursday - 10-11:20am - NTDP D212

Have specific questions about the content in one of your core courses?
Want to ask a quick question about a class topic?

If so, the Learning Center has a tutor for you.  Tutoring is provided by top UNT students, for UNT students.  Support is offered for over 250 courses and available in different formats: face-to-face, online, group, drop-in, and asynchronous.

For more information, visit Learning Center Tutoring.

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