Industry Sponsors Senior Design Proposal

The information provided in this document is to assist industry sponsors with creating a proposal for UNT’s Senior Design program.

This template is meant to serve as a guide in creating a project proposal. Additional information can be added if desired. The purpose of the proposal is to allow the Senior Design coordinator to judge whether the project will be a good fit for our students, and also to give the students an idea of what will be expected of them should they select the project.

Please do not hesitate to contact Angus McColl at or 940-565-4324 if you require any additional assistance.

Thank you for sponsoring a team of bright, soon-to-be graduating engineers!

UNT Senior Design Proposal

Contact Information

Project proposal

Name of your project
What is the problem statement or what is the problem to be solved? (200 words maximum)
How would you best classify the problem/project type?
If selected Other, please specify
Briefly describe the value to your company of having this problem solved. (100 words maximum)
Are there certain high-level requirements and constraints that must be met by the design? If so, what are they? (100 words maximum)
Briefly describe any approaches/experiments or special equipment/infrastructure you feel will be required for the completion of this project. (100 words maximum)
What are your deliverable expectations upon the completion of the project (i.e. slides, detailed sketches/drawings, prototype/working model, analytical report(s), etc.)? (100 words maximum)
Please indicate what engineering discipline(s) may be required to successfully execute your project.
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