Engineering Seminar Series

  • Dervis Emre Demirocak
    Texas A&M University - Kingsville
    Materials for Energy Storage
    Discovery Park F175
  • Timothy J. Bunning
    Air Force Research Laboratory
    Materials and Manufacturing Directorate (Activities) - AFRL + A Vignette into Dynamic Soft Matter Thin Film
    Discovery Park B155
  • Tae-Youl Choi
    University of North Texas
    Thermal Properties of 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D Materials
    Discovery Park F175
  • Vladimir Drachev
    University of North Texas
    Plasmonic nano- and meta- materials
    Discovery Park B155
  • Kedar P. Gupta
    ARC Energy, Nashua, NH
    Roller Coaster Ride of an Engineer-Entrepreneur
    Discovery Park F175
  • Yong Yang
    University of North Texas
    Engineering Biomimetic Microenvironment for Regenerative Medicine and Disease Models
    Discovery Park D208B
  • Wonmo Kang
    US Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC
    Fundamental Understanding of Material Behaviour for Navy
    Discovery Park F175
  • Ifana Mahbub
    University of North Texas
    Low-Power Wireless Sensors for Advanced Healthcare Monitoring
    Discovery Park F223
  • Frank A. Kulacki
    University of Minnesota
    Boiling of Dilute Emulsions. A New Heat Transfer Mechanism?
    Discovery Park F175
  • Chris J. Benmore
    Argonne National Laboratory
    Aerodynamic levitation, supercooled liquids and glass formation
    Discovery Park B155
  • William J. Weber
    University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Functional Nanostructures in Ceramics using Ion Beams
    Discovery Park B155
  • Maurizio Manzo
    University of North Texas
    Dye Doped Microlasers As Sensors
    Discovery Park F175
  • Carlos Alejandro Figueroa
    University Caxias Do Sul, Caxias do Sul-RS, Brasil
    Role of deuterium and hydrogen in the physical understanding of nano-friction in a-C:H/D thin films
    Discovery Park B155
  • Arup Neogi
    University of North Texas
    Controlling mechanical properties of hybrid acoustic metamaterials for modulation of ultrasonic waves
    Discovery Park F175
  • Jun (Luke) Huan
    Information and Intelligent Systems, NSF
    Data science programs at NSF
    Discovery Park F285
  • Michael A. Carpenter
    SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Albany, NY
    Harsh Environment Compatible Plasmonics Based Chemical Sensors
    Discovery Park B155
  • Leo V. Zhigilei
    University of Virginia
    Large-scale atomistic simulations of nanoparticle generation and material modification by short pulse laser irradiation in vacuum and liquid environment
    Discovery Park B155
  • Pradeep Ramuhalli
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    Advances in sensor and instrumentation technologies for sustainable nuclear power
    Discovery Park F175
  • Somuri V. Prasad
    Sandia National Laboratories
    Designing Materials for Tribology
    Discover Park B155
  • Seo Young Kim
    Hylium Industries, Inc., Seoul, South Korea
    Hydrogen Liquefaction and Storage Technologies for Longer Endurance Drones
    Discovery Park F175
  • Chris Andersen
    DRD Technology Corporation
    ANSYS and Engineering Simulation at the University of North Texas
    Discovery Park F175