Engineering Seminar Series

Dervis Emre Demirocak
Texas A&M University - Kingsville
Materials for Energy Storage
Discovery Park F175
Timothy J. Bunning
Air Force Research Laboratory
Materials and Manufacturing Directorate (Activities) - AFRL + A Vignette into Dynamic Soft Matter Thin Film
Discovery Park B155
Tae-Youl Choi
University of North Texas
Thermal Properties of 1-D, 2-D, and 3-D Materials
Discovery Park F175
Vladimir Drachev
University of North Texas
Plasmonic nano- and meta- materials
Discovery Park B155
Kedar P. Gupta
ARC Energy, Nashua, NH
Roller Coaster Ride of an Engineer-Entrepreneur
Discovery Park F175
Yong Yang
University of North Texas
Engineering Biomimetic Microenvironment for Regenerative Medicine and Disease Models
Discovery Park D208B
Wonmo Kang
US Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC
Fundamental Understanding of Material Behaviour for Navy
Discovery Park F175
Ifana Mahbub
University of North Texas
Low-Power Wireless Sensors for Advanced Healthcare Monitoring
Discovery Park F223
Frank A. Kulacki
University of Minnesota
Boiling of Dilute Emulsions. A New Heat Transfer Mechanism?
Discovery Park F175
Chris J. Benmore
Argonne National Laboratory
Aerodynamic levitation, supercooled liquids and glass formation
Discovery Park B155
William J. Weber
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Functional Nanostructures in Ceramics using Ion Beams
Discovery Park B155
Maurizio Manzo
University of North Texas
Dye Doped Microlasers As Sensors
Discovery Park F175
Carlos Alejandro Figueroa
University Caxias Do Sul, Caxias do Sul-RS, Brasil
Role of deuterium and hydrogen in the physical understanding of nano-friction in a-C:H/D thin films
Discovery Park B155
Jun (Luke) Huan
Information and Intelligent Systems, NSF
Data science programs at NSF
Discovery Park F285
Michael A. Carpenter
SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Albany, NY
Harsh Environment Compatible Plasmonics Based Chemical Sensors
Discovery Park B155
Leo V. Zhigilei
University of Virginia
Large-scale atomistic simulations of nanoparticle generation and material modification by short pulse laser irradiation in vacuum and liquid environment
Discovery Park B155
Somuri V. Prasad
Sandia National Laboratories
Designing Materials for Tribology
Discover Park B155