Engineering Seminar Series

  • BoHung Kim
    University of Ulsan, Korea
    Modeling nanoscale heat transfer on dissimilar interfaces using Molecular Dynamics
    Discovery Park F175
  • Lingqian Chang
    Biomedical Engineering, UNT
    Precise Manipulation and Transfection of Single Cell on Nano-Electroporation Platform
    Discovery Park B155
  • Seok Ho Yoon
    Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials
    Development of PCHE (Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger) for extreme environment
    Discovery Park F175
  • Amy J. Clarke
    Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO
    In-situ Imaging of Metallic Alloy Solidification Dynamics for Advanced Manufacturing
    Discover Park B155
  • Zhuomin Zhang
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Nanoscale Heat Conduction and Thermal Radiation
    Discovery Park F175
  • Daniel B. Miracle
    Air Force Research Laboratory
    High entropy alloys, High throughput experiments and High Temperature metals
    Discover Park B155
  • Babu Chalamala
    Sandia National Laboratories
    Energy Storage and the Grid of the Future
    Discovery Park F175
  • Brett Conner
    Youngstown State University
    Using Sensing for Process Improvement and Material Qualification in Metal Additive Manufacturing
    Discovery Park B155
  • Yunzhi Wang
    Ohio State University
    Computational Design of Novel Microstructures for Smarter Materials
    Discovery Park B155