Engineering Seminar Series

  • Hector R. Siller
    UNT Department of Engineering Technology
    Research on Additive Manufacturing Technologies in Biomedical and Aeronautic Applications
    Discovery Park F175
  • James Duban
    Department of English, UNT
    Winning a Graduate Scholarship and Fellowship
    Discovery Park F175
  • Hyunjo Jeong
    Wonkwang University, Iksan, Korea
    Recent advances in the measurement of acoustic nonlinearity parameter for micro-damage detection of materials
    Discovery Park F175
  • Zhu Mao
    University of Massachusetts Lowell
    Structural Dynamics Identification via Computer Vision and Data Analytics in Structural Health Monitoring
    Discovery Park F175
  • Parham Zahedinejad
    UNT Dept. of Mechanical and Energy Engineering
    Functionally Graded Materials
    Discovery Park F175
  • Bruce K. Gale
    University of Utah
    A Microfluidic Toolbox for Biomedical Applications
    Discovery Park F175
  • Chen Zhang
    Department of Mechanical & Energy Engineering, University of North Texas
    Temperature Dependent Piezoelectric-Based Gas Sensing Systems For Gas Component Monitoring
    Discovery Park F175
  • Gao Liu
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    The Design, Synthesis and Engineering of Soft Materials for Lithium Batteries
    Discovery Park F175
  • Kiju Lee
    Case Western Reserve University
    Achieving Adaptability in Distributed Intelligent Systems and Robotics
    Discovery Park F175
  • Paul R. Ohodnicki
    National Energy Technology Laboratory
    Functional Sensor Material and Device Development for Energy-Related Sensing Applications
    Discovery Park F175
  • Yijie Jiang
    University of Pennsylvania
    Autonomous actuation of 3D printed soft beam-based structures with embodied logic
    Discovery Park F175
  • Rahul Mukherjee
    Next Generation Energy Storage Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities for a Clean Energy Future
    Discovery Park F175
  • Wanliang Shan
    University of Nevada, Reno
    Integrating Smart Materials and Solid Mechanics for Soft Robotics
    Discovery Park F175
  • Weihuan Zhao
    Department of Mechanical & Energy Engineering, University of North Texas
    Use of Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage, Thermal Management, and Temperature Control
    Discovery Park F175
  • Qingda Yang
    University of Miami, Coral Gables
    Augmented Finite Element Method for Virtual Testing of Composite Materials
    Discovery Park F175
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