Power for Sensors

  • Novel battery materials
  • Thin film and solid-state batteries systems
  • Printed batteries
  • Nanostructured ceramics for batteries
Faculty working in the area


Miniaturized wireless power transfer (WPT) system for implantable and wearable sensor


  • Miniaturized power transmitter and receiver

    Transmitter and receiver modules

  • Block diagram

    WPT System-level block diagram


Wireless respiration monitoring sensor


  • Respitation sensor

    3-D printed cannula with integrated PVDF sensor

  • System-level block diagram

    System-level block diagram


EM modeling of WPT link, closed-loop power regulation and signal read-out circuit


  • EM modeling of WPT link

    Brain tissue modeling in HFSS

  • Closed-loop system diagram

    Closed-loop system-level block diagram


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