Improving Cognition in the Elderly via Dialogue-Based Games with Teachable Robot Agents

Natalie Parde & Rodney Nielsen
Poster presented at the CRA-Women Graduate Cohort Workshop, 2014

Automatically Generating Questions from Text

Karen Mazidi & Rodney Nielsen
Poster presented at the Toulouse Graduate Exhibition, 2014

Natural Language Processing in Comprehension SEEDING Project

Frank Paiva
Poster presented at the SURE conference, 2013

Comprehension SEEDING Project

James Glenn & Mingyu Lin
Poster presented at the SURE Conference, 2013

Companionbots for Proactive Therapeutic Dialog on Description

Rodney D. Nielsen, Kate Bailey, Nishitha Guntakandla, Bandita Sarma, Abhiraj Tomar, Anil Veerepally

Hopper Conference 2013 Handout on HiLT Lab

Natalie Parde