July 19, 2018
University of North Texas

UNT researcher creates new "super" metal

UNT researcher creates new metal

A University of North Texas post-doctoral researcher has designed a new steel-like alloy that is five times stronger than conventional steel.

Under the guidance of UNT professor Rajiv Mishra, Saurabh Nene, a research associate with the Center for Friction Stir Processing, has been working with the UNT College of Engineering Department of Materials Science and Engineering to give the metal its unique yield strength.

“The process changes the properties of a metal through intense deformation caused by forcibly inserting a rotating tool into the cold metal. This process not only refines but also homogenizes the microstructure leading to enhanced tensile and yield strength,” said Nene. Read more.

UNT electrical engineering assistant professor earns prestigious Powe award

UNT assistant professor earns Powe award

University of North Texas College of Engineering assistant professor Tao Yang earned the prestigious 2018 Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Awardfrom the Oak Ridge Associated Universities for his research into the future of electrical distribution, microgrids.

“Traditionally, electricity is provided through one central distribution network. This means a problem in one area will affect the entire grid causing power outages and blackouts,” Yang said. “Now, imagine if each user had a microgrid. People would be able to manage their own power distribution so if the main grid goes down they will still have power.” Read more.

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