ZOE Research

The Zero Energy Research Laboratory offers an opportunity for the following research to be completed:

  • The whole-building integration modeling and calibration
    (Modeling & simulation of whole building with different technologies)
  • Benchmark for Energy Efficiency
  • Social Aspects of Sustainability : Productivity and Thermal Comforts
  • Sustainable Building Design, Construction and Operation
  • Human Occupant Behavior & Comfort Analysis
  • Smart Building Energy Monitoring and Control System
  • Energy Simulation Model Validation
  • Expansion to Smart-Grid and Alternative Fuel Vehicle Research
  • Building Control System Analysis and Improvements
  • Performance
    analysis of Radiant Floor heating system, Ground Source Heat Pump
    (GSHP) , Photovoltaic power generation system , Wind turbine, Rain water
    harvesting system, Energy Recovery Ventilator,  Solar chimney
  • Study on the LEED Compatibility of the Building
  • Study on the Best Thermal and Electricity Storage Option for the Building
  • Cost Analysis  of the Existing Building

Current Research Projects

  • Numerical analysis in Building simulation program: Conduction transfer function method(CTF) and finite difference method(FDM)
  • Ground source heat pump M/V and modeling
  • Zero energy building modeling
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis of zero Energy research Laboratory
  • Modeling & Simulation of the most efficient & cost effective HVAC system in the ZOE
  • Studying & modeling on thermal energy storage outcome on ZOE
  • Analysis of Solar chimney for 2-room Net-Zero Energy Building and
    Investigation of parameters to generate optimal natural ventilation.

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