ZOE Lab Facilities

The ZØE research laboratory has a number of advanced renewable energy technologies integrated into it.  

Learn about how much power these technologies are producing

  • Geothermal Heat Pumps

1. Water to Water HP  

Cooling capacity: 2.33 RT(Refrigeration Tons)

Heating capacity: 28.2 (MBtu/h)

2. Water to Air HP

Cooling capacity: 2.08 RT(Refrigeration Tons)

Heating capacity: 32.6 (MBtu/h) 

3. 6 wells of 225 ft depth each

  • Radiant Heating / Cooling Tubes in Slab



  • Photovoltaic  Panels
  1. Total System Capacity: 5.6 KW
  2. Total Module on roof: 24 pieces


  • A building energy monitoring and control system:Control System based on more than 90 sensors
  • A rainwater collection system & Storage Tank:Tank Capacity-300gal
  • Rainwater Harvesting / Filtration System for Potable Water
  • Wind Turbine :
  1. Rated Power: 3.5 KW
  2. Horizontal Axis. 5 Blades



  • Solar array to provide hot water
  • Energy recovery ventilator
  • Operable windows and solar chimney for passive cooling
  • Structural insulated panels (SIP’s) for walls and roof
  • Low-e insulated glazing with ceramic frit
  • LED lights
  • Day lighting sensors
  • Extensive metering to monitor energy consumption
  • Future solar trees: we have provided conduit for future solar devices.
  • Bamboo flooring and millwork: used “Plyboo”
  • Local materials – brick manufactured in Denton- Acme
  • Recycled glass countertops