Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight: Jerod Day

Jerod Day

Creating Life-Saving Technology

Sometimes it takes a while to find your place in the world. Jerod Day loves school, but when he first started studying engineering at another university, he was disappointed with the impersonal faculty and the lack of research options for undergraduate students. After transferring to UNT, he found Mechanical and Energy Engineering the perfect fit for pursuing his passion for thermodynamics as well as the “green” aspects of engineering.



Research efforts are carried out by the faculty along fundamental and applied directions in an interdisciplinary framework. The Mechanical and Energy Engineering Department works across departments, colleges, Universities and in a global enterprise seeking excellence in performance.

Faculty and students in UNT’s Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering are heavily involved in research and project-based learning initiatives through undergraduate senior design projects, short term and long term research, and development contracts. Some of the research areas studied in the Mechanical and Energy Engineering Department include: