If you are a University of North Texas College of Engineering faculty member, we will search for funding for your project if you send an abstract or paragraph describing your project to leyla.yagdyyeva@unt.edu.

Knowledgeable staff can answer your questions about specific deadlines and details related to grants and funding opportunities. Or call: 940-565-2916.


  • Proposal Development Process

  • Pre-Award Timeline 

  • Pre-Award Process

  • The UNT Faculty Research Grant Program

    • RIG - The Research Initiation Grant is primarily intended to stimulate and aid the initiation of research for junior faculty in their first three years at UNT.
      October Deadline
    • ROP - The Research Opportunity Program grants seed money to develop pilot-data and/or conduct preliminary research that shows a high potential for attracting and maintaining support from external funding agencies
      February Deadline
    • REG - The Research Enabling Grant funds high quality research and scholarly activities for which extramural funding is not available
      February Deadline

  • Additional UNT funding opportunities
    • UAEM-UNT Research Seed Funding program
      Recipients of the UAEM-UNT Research Seed Funding Program
    • Junior Faculty Summer Research Fellowship — The Fellowship gives partial summer salary support for faculty early in their academic careers to enable them to concentrate on research activities during summer months.
      February Deadline
    • PEST — The Pursuit of Extramural Support Travel program assists researchers with travel to funding agencies and provides funds to bring program officers or other funding agency personnel to UNT.
      Applications Taken Year-round
    • Small Grant — This grant program provides stop-gap funding for unexpected and emergency needs outside of regular funding cycles.
      Applications Taken Year-round
    • Special Funding — Funding supports research-related activities, but it is not associated with a grant proposal and does not fall within one of the normal funding mechanisms.
      Applications Taken Year-round

    • Periodically, special programs are announced for internal funding competitions. Examples of past programs include:

      • Initiative for Research Infrastructure program
      • UNT-UNTHSC Joint Institutional Seed Research program

  • Additional resources to search for funding-related information

  • Guidelines for Requesting CENG Proposal Development Support (PDS)  

    PDS Budget Template  

  • Graduate Student Pay Schedule and Tuition Rates