Undergraduate Researcher, Jeff Helstad

Jeff Helstad, a senior and active Army Guard National soldier, is conducting undergraduate research with the support of faculty mentors that will result in safer aircraft fleet.  

Helstad and the faculty mentors in UNT’s Institute for Science and Engineering Simulation are working with the U.S. Air Force on research that will extend the life of its aging aircraft fleet.  The research team is also developing better and stronger materials for aircraft of the future.

“My mentors have done a great job teaching and mentoring – they make you think and understand the fundamentals and it’s made a big difference,” Helstad says. 

Helstad, a material science and engineering major, works alongside graduate students in a sophisticated lab with world-class equipment.

“They (graduate students) are willing to give their time and they do it in a friendly way in a helping atmosphere,” he says. “Everyone benefits from it.  The common goal is the degree.  When I have research to do, I’m not alone and I know their name and they know mine.”